Monday, January 17, 2005

Tags or Bar Codes?

From Business wire. PSC's 5500-B RFID reader enables attendees on-site to fully experience RFID applications in the "X05 smart store".

PSC, Inc., an international data-collection technology and services provider, will participate with IconNicholson in the National Retail Federation's 2005 EXPO to enable attendees to fully experience the RFID applications developed by IconNicholson for the "X05 smart store".

PSC's Falcon 5500-B is currently in selected alpha trials will be used to commission attendee badges at the EXPO so they can experience X05 to its full potential. The Falcon 5500-B emerged from PSC's popular Falcon line, a durable, mobile computing family of products.

This mobile hybrid computer handheld has the ability to read both barcodes and EPCGlobal standard UHF RFID tags.

The handhelds are being used in IconNicholson's RFID Center of Excellence in New York City and reflect the next step in PSC's "generational" approach to emerging trends in the dynamic retail industry.

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