Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hypertag Uses A Physical World Hyperlink

From Publishing News Online Macmillan Children's goes high-tech.

CLAIMING AN INDUSTRY first, Macmillan Children’s Books is launching an interactive poster campaign for Teen Idol, the new Meg Cabot title. Running from 3-16 January, this innovative promotion, which was planned by Total Media, uses ‘mobile marketing technology’ devised by Hypertag to get the market – in this case 10-14 year olds – to interact with outdoor advertising using their mobile phones.

Six-sheet bus shelter posters, all situated in heavy footfall areas of town centres, will be fitted with infrared Hypertag units which are designed to communicate with infrared-enabled mobiles; once activated, the poster can download vouchers that will instantly tell users if they’ve won prizes which include a shopping spree, lip balms and book samples, or simply give them a consolation Teen Idol screen saver.

This campaign sees us taking the next step in engaging this elusive audience through their mobiles – and the great thing with Hypertag is that the results are instantly rewarding, something teens all want

More info on Hypertag here.

Hypertag's vision is that every physical object will be tagged with a Hypertag that will act as a gateway to relevant information.

You say Hypertag I say physical world hyperlink,lets call the whole thing huge.

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