Friday, January 07, 2005

Targeting Thru The Mobile

From India's Business Standard New media specialist for Net, the mobile.

You arrive early for a meeting in Mumbai’s Taradeo and have 20 minutes to kill. Just then your mobile phone flashes a message: “You are in Taradeo. Have a coffee at Barista and get a 15 per cent discount.”

Advertising professional Krishna Kumar who paints the scenario says such targeted communication through the mobile will soon be possible.

Kumar, formerly business director with Mindshare, says the reason why Media2Win makes business sense is that advertising on the Internet and mobile marketing are “happening”.

When advertisers realize that their ad dollar will be better treated on the mobile phone than a search engine, thats when the "ah has!" start.

“More time on the Net will eat into the regular media consumption,” feels Kumar. Already e-commerce activity is picking up, especially, with online booking of airline and railway tickets.

Theres a way to start this campaign...

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