Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dont Tell Me, Let Me Guess It

From Trendwatching .com Ready-To-Know and music.

Consumers who hear an unknown song while hanging out in the pub, listening to the radio or sitting in a restaurant, only need call 2580, point their phone to the music source, and London-based Shazam will then send a text message (SMS) reply with the name of the artist and the track.

Shazam is currently active/available in 12 countries around the world. Besides the UK, its home market, Shazam works with MusicFinder in Germany and Austria, and with a host of other partners in Poland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Shazam's mobile user base in the UK counts nearly 600,000 people (the company serves 1 million customers worldwide), who are charged 9p per call and 50p (USD 0.95 / EUR 0.75) per successful tag.

In the US, a similar technology has been developed by Gracenote, in conjunction with Philips Research. The service is called Mobile MusicID, and comes with an impressive database of over 7 million 'waveform fingerprints', growing by 25,000+ each week. The MusicID technology is used by MusicPhone in the US (available on AT&T Wireless, now Cingular). KTF, Korea's largest mobile carrier, launched Gracenote's MusicID in September 2004. Gracenote also has partnerships in Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands, with Japan and Mexico going 'live' soon.

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