Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Future Of The Internet

In a survey, technology experts and scholars evaluate where the network is headed in the next ten years.

Interesting read Future of the Internet.

Some tidbits I found of interest.

"Connections across media, entertainment, advertising and commerce will become stronger with future margins going to a new breed of 'digital media titans'..Well branded innovators such as Google and Strabucks have a chance to build all-new distribution models tied to ad revenue and retail sales"

"Health care is apporxiamately 10 years behind other endeavors in being transfromed and will experience its boom in the next 10 years".

"Digitization and the Internet make for a potent brew"

"The 'always-on' internet combined with computers talking to computers will be a more profound transformation of society than what we've seen so far"

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