Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NTT Docomo Adopts Neven Vision Technology

Physical world connection player Neven Vision and their mobile machine vision technology is being utilized for more than just mobile marketing, but for mobile security, or m-security.

Neven Vision , a leading developer of mobile machine vision technology, announced that its biometrics face recognition software has been adopted by NTT DoCoMo, the world's leading mobile communications company, to enhance the privacy and security of personal data and transactions on cell phones.

NTT Docomo is the first operator to deploy this enhancement for its more than 50 million subscribers. The need to protect sensitive information on mobile devices such as credit card transactions, is more crucial than ever.

Neven's software enables convenient, automated authorization of cell phone users by comparing registered facial images with the face captured by phone's camera.

The NTT DoCoMo application is based on Neven Vision's patented facial recognition technology, which is uniquely designed to work within mobile devices without having to communicate with a central server system.

On NTT DoCoMo's FOMATM SH902i by Sharp, face recognition operates automatically when the user attempts to access a protected application, such as sending emails or initiating credit card transactions.

When the user initiates an action, the automated authentication process completes correctly and then executes the chosen application, all without any additional action by the user, such as having to manually enter a password. Designed as replacement of access control by password or PIN number, the technology supports i-mode FeliCa, PIM data protection, and device lock function.

Neven Vision's biometric access control provides multiple security levels to enable multiple user access. The FOMATM SH902i offers 3 different security levels in which the mobile phone owner can manually select the level depending on their needs, such as "casual security" for normal private use, or "high security" for business use.

I will have a complete interview with CEO Alex Cory shortly.

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