Monday, June 20, 2005

Advertisers Need To Think Inside The Box, The Four Square Inched One

A couple major heavyweights have made shifts in their advertising budgets in the last week. Procter/Gamble announced they are cutting back on their TV advertising and tonight the Wall Street journal is reporting that GE is cutting their TV advertising by 30%

The disruption is taking place.

From USA Advertisers forced to think way outside the box

Consumers such as Fetchik pose an increasing challenge for the advertising industry as it competes for consumers' attention and time. Technology — from wireless devices to iPods to digital video recorders (DVRs), have given time-pressed consumers more choices and control over what they tune in or tune out — and also split the audience into narrower slices

Faith Popcorn, CEO of ad consultancy BrainReserve, also thinks the days are numbered for TV ads' dominance. But she says many marketers remain reluctant to look at new media alternatives, in part because they don't know how to use them: "They don't know what to replace (TV) with."

Oh come on, what is the one screen EVERYBODY carries with them all day long?

You want to know where the next land grab will be for advertising is?

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