Monday, June 20, 2005

BusinessWeek Covers New Media Changes

From Change: A User's Guide

It's nice to see old media make strides to adapt to the new media offerings. Nice going Business Week.

Change Hurts. But it's also exciting, refreshing, challenging -- even therapeutic.

It's no secret that rapid changes are occurring in media, marketing, and advertising and that these shifts dramatically affect people who market products and services, as well as those of us in information businesses.

In this issue, we launch "Media Centric," a weekly column by Jon Fine that will chronicle these changes and help readers react quickly and intelligently to the new realities.

If you're a newspaper, magazine, television, radio, or online-media executive, how do you compete in this confusing, fast-moving environment? How can you maintain old revenue streams while investing in new ones?

Who's figuring this stuff out fastest, and what can we all learn from them? Who's getting left behind, and why?

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