Friday, June 24, 2005

Qualcomm Talks About Mobile Future

Advertisers target the younger generation for their new campaigns, so maybe having a younger Jacob's mind at the helm of Qualcomm will allow more applications to come from their CDMA technology.

From Paul Jabobs: "Answer by Execution"

On July 1, Paul E. Jacobs will take over as CEO at wireless pioneer Qualcomm (QCOM ) from his father and company founder, Irwin Jacobs. Irwin essentially willed the company into being as a champion of the wireless technology CDMA as superior for voice during the changeover in the 1990s from analog to digital systems

The industry is going through a change where voice has essentially been commoditized, and the operators are looking for how they can generate additional revenues through data services

Now, Qualcomm is pushing into more multimedia services, for instance, with its MediaFLO service that will launch late next year with wireless carriers to provide video to the phone.

The mobile phone has advantages over the PC because it's something that you always have with you. And you can do certain things better on the phone. So when you say it's going into a new area, it is and it isn't

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