Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the Waiting Is The Hardest Part

From Revolution 3G Marketing: Brands wait for 3G opportunity

The next big thing in mobile services is just around the corner, but how prepared are the operators and brand marketers?

Over the past year, 3G services have brought the promise that brand marketing can reach mobile users in style. While marketing in this space is still reasonably scarce, the richness of the content being downloaded by early subscribers is painting an intriguing picture.

Following the, so far, relative disappointment of MMS, 3G hopes to give brands access to elusive customers through interactive propositions built with high-quality video and audio, with more accurately targeted messages. So says the mobile industry.

"3G will mean richer, higher quality applications, as well as video, and that will make mobile a stronger marketing medium," says Dan Parker, chief operating officer at mobile marketing agency Sponge

For the first time in a long time, there is going to be a new visual medium," says Graeme Oxby, marketing director at 3

Marketing is starting to shape itself to the possibilities of 3G in the increased use of shortcodes to guide offline consumers to mobile sites

See where this is going?

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Anonymous said...

I still think 3G services are too expensive...They'd better bring those prices down quick before pre-standard mobile wimax hits the market netx year