Friday, June 17, 2005

Ingenius Website Advertising

I saw this the other day and was waiting for someone in the search world to pick it up and comment.

From Activ8now sues Conde Nast

Online technology firm Activ8now , and its operating company, Active8media, filed a suit in United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia for patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation against Advance Publications

Activ8now owns several patents for producing interactive electronic versions of magazine advertisements. According to the suit, Condé Nast entered into a license agreement with Activ8now to use the company's technology for the September 2004 issue of Vogue

The suit isn't the key point, it's what Activ8now's technology does. Activ8now technology should be used for EVERY advertising website. It's ingenius.

This technology will also be coming to TV soon too.

See how it works for yourself


Johnny Juevos said...

Interesting, but tell me how this is really that different, at least technically, from boring old image maps that have been on web pages since 1996? These examples are nothing more than image maps with drill down links. What, precisely, did they patent?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the same thing, you tell me that on my own website that I can't have a point of interest in a picture and create a link for more detailed information? I don't see a patent!

Scott Shaffer said...

As posted on their website, and what they are suing Conde Naste for..
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