Monday, June 27, 2005

Snickers Goes "Under Cover" With Their Marketing Campaign

If you open any one of 150 million Snickers bars, you'll find a website (URL) and a special code. Go to the Special Site and enter your code.
Register to win lots of prizes.

Great idea, bad execution.

Instead of making people stuff the wrapper in the pocket until they get to a PC, use a SMS short code, so people can send a text to "SNIKR" and include code as subject to see if they are a winner.

Something that was done involving an SMS was done with M&M's and MobileReact where with unqiue codes printed on the inside wrapper of M&Ms packs in Thailand, consumers can SMS the code to win either instant prizes or get points.

Try it yourself

I will be covering these guys in greater detail shortly.

I heard THESE GUYS are working on a mobile campaign that offers a direct connect feature.

What I'm trying to figure out is how a guy like Scoble discovered this new marketing technique. Could he be seeing how the physical world is creating advertising opportunites not seen before, or could he just like chocolate?

Scoble did call something similar a Killer App .

Robert, on that wrapper you will find a barcode. See the possibilities now?

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