Tuesday, June 28, 2005

OP3's Updates ShotCode

I'm glad to see the physical world connection starting to take shape.

The 8th of June OP3 took the first step in making mobile Internet easy accessible by launching shotCode. OP3 today offered automatic optimization of regular Internet pages, making them readable on the tiny displays.

On average the mobile Internet simply is not being used. 99 percent or even more of current websites don’t look good on the tiny mobiles’ screens. But OP3, the company behind the ShotCodes, has now made its second step in its attempt to eradicate these problems.

Small mobile displays have a lot of limitations, compared to the ordinary PC- and laptop screens. Even if most of the mobile models are able to read HTML, optimization is usually needed. The new optimization feature on ShotCode.com is completely automatic and free of charge.

Here's a great idea that eBay could utilize. Instead of using a lengthy URL , use a ShotCode.

Say you would like to sell your bike on eBay, you can now easily point a ShotCode to your auction’s URL and hang this ShotCode on your local supermarket’s notice board. The ebay pages’ will be automatically updated so that the scanner instantly sees your auction in a readable format.

Another idea.

When you post your garage sale notice at the supermarket, include a ShotCode on the flyer. Click on the ShotCode for the address and the service provider provides a map to the location

To get OP3's ShotCode software (for free)on your mobile phone, just point your camera at a ShotCode, (which is a circular type of barcode) click once and you’re instantly connected to the corresponding Internet site

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