Friday, June 10, 2005

Local Search...It's Getting Hot In Here

From Yahoo Interchange acquires local-search technology .

June 10, 2005--Interchange Corp. a leading provider of local and national paid-search services in the United States and Europe, today announced the acquisition of patent-pending local-search technology assets.

Under the terms of the agreement Interchange paid $500,000 in cash plus 104,311 unregistered shares of common stock. An additional 104,311 shares of common stock will be payable upon issuance of the pending patent.

Interchange offers a unique Keyword DNA technology.

Keyword DNA technology enables local searchers to utilize natural language search to receive structured search results, such as traditional IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) business listings

The focus lately in search has been more about intellectual property than applications. Is there a search IP land rush going on?

I will try to find out what these patent search assets Interchange aquired are.

In the mean time, Interchange also offers SMS Local search.


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