Thursday, June 02, 2005

Advertising Dollars ..What He Giveth He Taketh

From Study: Google and Yahoo revenue comes at publishers' expense .

The remarkable revenue growth registered by Google and Yahoo is coming at the expense of the 10 largest information companies in what is a $263 billion industry

InformationWeek reports. "Google and Yahoo are clearly diverting advertising revenue" from established information companies; "they're literally sucking the financial air out of the room,"

Part of the reason for the shift may be that marketers are paying too much for print ads or too little for online ones, according to Outsell. Or they don't have any other options....yet.

When the industry realizes they can have direct access to their targeted audience through physical advertising, the dollars will shift to ANOTHER medium. The reason the Google/Yahoo's are getting so many advertising dollars is because advertisers haven't been exposed to anything else.

When advertisers are able to directly interact with the consumer via every print ad and packaged good, watch what happens to shift in advertising dollars. It will be the first place advertisers turn to.

That's your "next Google".

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