Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vivid Entertainment Licenses Xobile's Barcode Scanning Technology

This gives physical world connection a different meaning.

From Vivid Entertainment licences Xobile's Leapscan barcode scanning technology

June 14, 2005--Vivid Entertainment Group, the world's leading adult film company, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Xobile a subsidiary of for advanced Leapscan(TM) technology that will enable cellphone users to preview films while they shop in adult video stores.

The system utilizes proprietary Leapscan barcode scanning technology that allows cell phone users to stream videos such as trailers of videos onto camera-equipped mobile devices as they hold them in their hands

All consumers need to do is point their camera phone at the barcode of our DVD box. The Leapscan software in the cellphone interprets the barcode, accesses the Web browser on the phone, then either downloads or streams a video trailer from a Xobile server to the customer's wireless device. It takes a matter of seconds and the viewers will be able to tell immediately if they want to purchase a specific video

The software can be downloaded by SMS from a friend or from and other designated websites

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