Thursday, June 30, 2005

T-Mobile Offers Mobile Google

A few things I don't understand. Do mobile users really not know how to set their own homepage on their mobile?

Does T-Mobile think that on your mobile is that good or relevant?
Have they ever tried doing a mobile search using Google?

Search on your phone is NOTHING like search on your PC, it's navigation. If Google and the other search engines looked at the queries they get from a mobile versus a PC, they would create a better mobile mousetrap. Take a clue from the SMS search companies and what they are starting to offer, THAT'S what mobile search should be.

T-Mobile should create a simple almost SMS like search app for their mobile homepage, so people could get used to the mobile in a different manner than the PC.

From T-Mobile teams up w/ Google to open up mobile Internet.

T-Mobile has announced it will use the Google homepage as the entry page for its mobile Internet service, in a bid to encourage more of its users to log on to the Web via their mobiles

Ulli Gritzuhn, T-Mobile board member, said: "With the Google homepage we want tell our customers from the first moment that they are carrying with them the Internet they know from home.” They still don't get it.

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