Monday, June 27, 2005

War Of The Worlds Has A Different Meaning

From It's world war free on your mobile

I would rather call this "When the digital and physical worlds collide".

DATING Katie Holmes is not the only revolutionary technique being used to promote Tom Cruise's new film War of the Worlds.

Hi-tech posters for the film will allow mobile phone users to download free ringtones and wallpapers in Queensland later this month. It will be the first time Hypertag technology has been used in the southern hemisphere.

AURA Digital Communications sales and marketing director Adam Dunne said consumers who had a mobile phone with an infrared connection could download free movie content directly from the posters, thanks to Hypertags concealed beneath the surface.

"The consumer walks up, activates infrared on their phone and then is able to download all sorts of different content, in this case ringtones, wallpapers and a calendar reminder set to go off the morning the film is released," Mr Dunne said.

I've talked about Hypertag before Here ,here and here .

I'm curious do you think Ritalin will be a sponsor for this?....I just had to do it.

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