Wednesday, June 08, 2005

OP3 Delivers ShotCodes

Tip of the hat to Russell and The Mobile Technology Weblog for spotting this.

One of the physical world connection companies I have interviewed OP3 has officially released a way to make your Shotcode (2d barcode for camera phone). , the first website in the world to offer mobile barcode reading solutions to everyone, has launched today!

All you need to do is download the ShotCode reader software, assign your ShotCodes and run your own direct connect ShotCode campaign.

To download the ShotCode reader just click HERE

ShotCodes are a circular sequence of black and white blocks represents a url, any url you want, for example to your products website or a point of sale. The ShotCode reader understands this code and connects the end users mobile phone to your location in three clicks or less! Billions of ShotCodes can be created, enough for all your campaigns and them some!

Here's my interview with OP3 and what SpotCodes can do

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