Thursday, June 23, 2005

Product-Placement Nielsen Service

From TNS Launches Product-Placement Monitoring System

NEW YORK ( -– In the latest effort to establish an accurate method for measuring the impact of product placements in TV and film, TNS Media Intelligence launched the Branded Entertainment Reporting Service earlier this month

A client using the service to access information on the WB program One Tree Hill, for example, would see that Cingular has several product placements and mentions within the show, but would also see on the database that other wireless carriers have commercials within the program

What a client does is they can look either by category or by brand at what they’re doing within regular advertising -- TV, magazines -- and now add in the branded-entertainment slice

Working with Nielsen’s other rating services, the product-placement service also reports how many viewers were watching the program at the time of the product mention

You have multitasking, channel surfing. ... It’s becoming more and more important to the advertisers and networks, quite frankly, to understand who’s actually paying attention at the moment

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