Thursday, June 02, 2005

Can You PAY Me Now?

We are seeing some interesting transformations affecting a couple major industries in the last few years. What is happening also, is the rate of change is occurring at an even faster rate.

The biggest change intially was the landline being replaces by the cell. The telcos are struggling to stay in the race with the cellcos. Just when you think the race will be won by cellcos, their business model is jeopardized.

From IBD Carriers' data revenue may be on hold .

A few sentences I found of great interest.

The carriers' power to control wireless data "is diminishing," said American Technology Research analyst Albert Lin. "The economics of the business will get worse."

But some technologies threaten the data revenue stream.

Then there's the Wi-Fi wireless technology, which is being integrated into phones. With it, phones can access the Internet directly from Wi-Fi hot spots, many of which are free.

Customers "won't have to rely on carriers for data with Wi-Fi-equipped phones," Lin said.

Who wins, who loses?

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