Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Tipping Point For Digital Brands

From Revolution Magazine.com Apple tops the list of fastest growing brands as digital overtakes traditional .

LONDON - Apple, creator of the iPod, is the fastest growing brand in the world, with internet brands Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and eBay following close behind, pushing notoriously powerful brands like Coca-Cola off the list.

Handheld email and phone device Blackberry and internet search engine Google tied in second place with 36% growth, putting websites Amazon and Yahoo! in fourth and fifth place respectively with 35% and 33%.

Power brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, which typically spend the most on advertising, did not even make it into the top 20.

Just spending money on advertising isn't cutting it anymore.

Two things I find of interest.

1. Some of the top brands don't have a "physical product" but provide a service (Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay).

2. Google and Amazon don't even spend money on TV advertising (or other mediums for that matter) and they carry that much brand awareness.

The ways to market a product/service are changing. Who adapts?

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