Sunday, June 05, 2005

Wanna See The New "My Microsoft" Home Page?

Everybody wants to be your home page. Now Microsft has their new version. Founder and CEO of Findory , Greg Linden gets the SCOOP .

Microsoft asks a series of questions that will give you each letter of the URL of the page. Don't tell anybody, but I used Google to find the answers.

To see what it looks like and take the quiz click HERE .

I can't decide if this is a good or bad marketing trick. Mister Softee makes it even harder to find this website. Ask 10 people on the street how to get to Microsoft's search page, and then ask those same people how to get to Google.

I think that's one of the problems right from the start.

Here's an idea Microsoft, register the site (or something catchy) so people associate doing a search with thst verb. "Do a Google", or "Do a Softee".

It's the same number of letters to remember and its a heckuva lot easier than this "", don't ya think?

If you're "search impaired" and can't find the answers to Microsoft's questions, just click HERE .

Playing around with it though, I like it. I like the menu bar that allows "My Feeds" to be shown or hidden. The stock quotes is easy to use, but I don't know if it includes asterisks for news stories alerts like Yahoo has( that's the only thing keeping my home page set to Yahoo).

The My Feeds ( I still don't know if it alerts when new post has been entered yet_ could pose a big threat to BlogLines.

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