Thursday, June 16, 2005

Treo Users Can Now Scan Barcodes

I'm a Treo owner and can't wait to try this out.

From New Product by JFMw: Barcode Star Developer JFMw has released a remarkable new program that utilizes your Treo 600 or Treo 650 camera to read bar codes.

Like the author's incredibly popular program Brightcam, which has been downloaded from more than 17 thousand times, Barcode is donationware and can be used without purchasing a license

Barcode/13 is a full software barcode scanner for palmOne Treo600 and palmOne Treo650. Barcode/13 uses the Treo camera to scan ISBN, UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes and exports the decoded value to the system clipboard. Barcode/13 can be launched within any application, and the returned value can be retrieve from the clipboard to make use of it into the initial application.

Barcode/13 is a free alternative to expensive hardware solutions. Barcode/13 can't be seen as a business solution, but it is definitely the cheapest solution for non-business use, like cave, books, CDs or DVDs inventories.

Barcode/13 recognizes EAN-13 and UPC-A subset of EAN-13 with a leading 0, but if you have some difficulties with a barcode you can tell Barcode/13 the first digit: if your barcode is a UPC-A barcode (US barcodes, 12 digits, x xxxxx xxxxx x) you can start the scanner pressing the "0" key.

If your EAN-13 barcode (european barcodes, 13 digits, x xxxxxx xxxxxx) begins with a 3, you can press the "3" key, and so on. I recommend using this feature only if automatic recognition fails: usually, I press the digit keys only if Barcode/13 fails twice to read a barcode (this happens more frequently when scanning bottles, you should not need this for standard barcodes in normal lighting conditions). Only for palmOne Treo650: space key can zoom/unzoom, but you should use this only with very small barcodes.

When running Barcode/13, you can see a red target with 2 widths and a green line. Green line is the position that will be used to analyse the barcode, the four vertical lines are recommended sizes for large and small barcodes. Recent barcodes are often large barcodes, but some products have smaller barcodes. If you have a large barcode, point your Treo to fill the large target with your barcode (keep the barcode inside, don't oversize it). If you have a small barcode, the small target will be a better idea. If your barcode is medium size, something between the 2 targets will be fine

Click HERE to download the program

I think this is my weekend project. I will report my results.

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