Monday, June 27, 2005

MobileReact Gets SMS Marketing

A company that truly gets mobile marketing in many ways MobileReact

I can't help think that if this company was in Europe or in the States, they would be making advertising headlines daily.

This is how you make the mobile phone an effective tool in various advertising campaigns.

M&M's has a promotional campaign that involves using the wrapper and an SMS code to win prizes. Running from 1st of May for 6 months in Thailand, customers send text to 4863003 and include the code on the wrapper to see if they have won.

On a broader scale, Mobile React offers their Engage service.

ENGAGE is a simple to use for both consumers and advertisers.

1. Consumer sees an ad which contains a call to action.
Ex: “For more information SMS PSP to 4863333 and we'll call you back”

2. Consumer sends the SMS and based receives an instant customized response via SMS
EX: “Thank you for your interest in PSP. Our sales agent will call you back shortly.”

3. ENGAGE stores the incoming SMS from the consumer in the system log and immediately triggers an alert on the advertiser's PC with a pop up message containing the consumer's mobile number and timestamp.

4. Advertiser's sales agent calls back the consumer.
EX: Hello, I'm calling you about your interest in PSP. May I help you?

This isn't direct connect, but it allows brands a number of exciting ways to make their physical products interactive.

Want to check on airfare from Nok Air? (any airline could offer this)
Simply type your city of origin, leave a space and then your destination city. Within seconds, the reply message will list all available flights and fares for the date requested.

Heineken Taps Mobile Marketing

Specially designed 6-pack of Heineken beer cans contained an embedded scratch-off code inside. Consumers must SMS the code to a dedicated number and receive automatic replies with points they have obtained, for first time participants and with the current balance for repeat consumers. Codes provided 1, 2 or 5 points and consumers could keep track of their points via SMS, through Heineken’s website or via an 24-hour automated interactive voice response (IVR) system. Redemption for giveaways began with 5 points.

To see a list of all of their Case Studies and the list of their services

One of the concepts they are incorporating is interacting using SMS in a TV program. This goes way beyond voting for the next American Idol and this is a great idea that should be adopted here in the States.

Keep an eye on these guys, something tells me their ideas and services will get noticed by the bigger players soon.

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