Thursday, June 30, 2005

If U Can't Beat Em, Annoy The Hell Out Of Em

Under the category of "Me Too!".

Microsoft tries to catch Google in search wars by buying a what?

The company that Microsoft has pursued is controversial: Claria, an adware marketer formerly called Gator, and best known for its pop-up ads and software that tracks people visiting Web sites. The Gator adware has frequently been denounced by privacy advocates for its intrusiveness.

Yes, just when you thought those annoying pop-up ad days were over, Microsoft feels they have value.

All of the latest toolbars are newly introduced browsers have made it a key selling point that they block pop-up ads.

I was just talking about how Google is becoming THE WEB ANALYTICS COMPANY for the digital Internet and now Microsoft is trying a backdoor method way.

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Anonymous said...

This is definately gonna be my new slogan...