Thursday, September 21, 2006

MobileLifeNetwork Goes Live Today

MobileLifeNetwork is a new mobile marketing company that went live today.

They offer various forms of mobile marketing tools, (MobiCash, MobiLife, MobiMarketer and MobiShopper) but the one that caught my eye is their MobiMarketer application.

Mobimarketer allows the camera to act as a search engine.

Add them to the list .

MobiMarketer provides mobile cell phone users the ability to leverage the camera as a searching tool, similar to how they search the Internet from a PC, MobiMarketer is leveraged by organizations that have already put time and money into a brand (e.g. Pepsi Cola), to leverage that brand with mobile camera phone subscribers who want information on the go.

All of this is possible, thanks to our patent pending technology.

We use sophisticated algorithms and messaging that match images captured via a camera phone with those we have ingested into our database.

A match will trigger a range of possible results, including downloading video/MP3's, promotions, ring tones, purchasing information, pricing, contests, maps and general search results.

Google just purchased a company that does the same thing


Anonymous said...

These guys seem to have some interesting ideas. I saw this MobiLife photo sharing thing on their website - this could be really popular given what we've seen on with web with MySpace, YouTube, etc...

Punit Raizada said...

Looks cool

Anonymous said...

they stole their software from and a company called phonecash, there a spin off of fakes, nothing works on their site and their being sued by the company that they stole from