Friday, September 08, 2006

Siemens Offers Fingerprint And Barcode Solution

Can you count the number of ways physical world connection will be used in this scenario?

Notice how they turn a fingerprint into a barcode.

From More RFID Siemens offers barcode and fingerprint solution

Siemens Business Services is offering airlines a way of meeting the growing requirements for both safety and convenience, as frequent flyers and business travellers can save valuable time by using their mobile phones to check in and board.

The passenger's finger is the key to the solution.

A fingerprint is registered once in person with an airline or at the airport, and the resulting biometric data is then stored in a database (Wonder if this is the Homeland Security Database).

With just the touch of a thumb and registration by internet, passengers can download the mobile phone check-in program to their handset. Using their mobile or PDA to connect to the airline's reservation system, passengers can select their flight and choose their preferred seat. Seconds later, they receive a barcode on their mobile which serves as an electronic boarding card, and also includes their fingerprint in encrypted format.

When boarding, passengers hold this "electronic boarding card" in front of a scanner and place a thumb on a reading device for clear identification.

Alternatively, the fingerprint can also be printed on a conventional boarding card in the form of a barcode.

See why a fingerprint is considered a physical world hyperlink?

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