Friday, September 22, 2006

Mobile Assets Offers Mobi Code Reader

Add Mobile Assets Corp to the physical world connection list with their 2d Mobi Bar Code.

Notice the increasing number of 2d code players entering the PWC space?

What makes Mobile Assets Corp unique, is that offer WIMAX services to business and consumer markets and they have mobile content, marketing and distribution.

They announced that they are adding data mining and reporting to their mobile products

With the Mobi Bar Code Reader, Mobile Assets has perfected the technology, has developed numerous potential revenue streams for the product and is preparing to take it to market.

This technology gives the mobile individual access to enormous amounts of instant information. The application for this is global.

The Mobi Bar Code Reader is based on 2-D (two-dimensional) symbology originally developed by Denso Wave of the Netherlands and distributed in open source code. The technology uses codes which contain information in both vertical and horizontal directions. These codes can be read by most camera-equipped mobile phones or web cams.

When the camera reads the Mobi bar code, it accesses our proprietary media jukebox which delivers the additional information that relates to the bar code. That information can be video, music or text

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