Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RFID Tags Offer Mobile Ads

This isn't scanning a physical world hyperlink, but it does use a PWH to deliver relevant information.

Wireless World Japan has an interesting post about NTT DoCoMo using RFID tags to predict consumer behavior and deliver targeted mobile marketing messages.

I said a few days ago, the smart brands are already figuring out how to use RFID tags as an interactive tool for advertising.

My first thought about this service is how will advertisers get the consumer's permission to deliver these ads. What will be enticing enough for people to opt-in to this service?

If they do get consumers' permission though, this could a fantastic tool for advertising. Spontaneous, relevant, location based advertising.

As the consumer visits various shops and locations, their mobile sends RFID tags to a server. The server than runs software to predict what the consumer is doing and sends them information relevant to their situation. In an example provided by DoCoMo, a consumer who is searching for a pair of shoes visits shoe shops A, B and C. The server guesses that this is what the consumer is doing on the basis of the RFID tags it receives from shops A, B and C and then sends the consumer special offers from shop D which they have yet to visit.

Eventually I can see Shop D, or a "Moogle"(mobile Froogle) alerting the consumer of a cheaper price when they pick up a specific product. Then you will have ecommerce sites participate and offer an even cheaper price if you buy online through your mobile.

DoCoMo is currently testing this system out in a single shopping mall.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine the possibilities...if you're overweight. The refrigerator won't open! You'll be blocked from entering ANY fast food establishment! You'll get discount coupons promoting the nearest gym! What a wonderful world to look forward to lol.