Thursday, September 14, 2006

Create Your Own Mobile Barcode With Scanbuy

What do Scanbuy and Nextcode have in common? Why are their applications gaining traction first?

Both Scanbuy and Nextcode ALSO allow consumers to create their own 2d codes rather than rely on the ones advertisers provide.

Some of the most useful Internet applications have come from creative thinking and open code applications.

Scanbuy introduces scanLIFE and their EZcodes.
EZcode is very much similar to any other barcode you will find on books or CDs. It differs from those barcodes in the sense that this falls in the category of 2 dimensional barcodes and is much easier to be decoded by your mobile phone camera.

The mapping of content related to a barcode is done based on the unique ID. You can attach any type of content to it. scanLIFE decodes the EZcode and access the content attached to it.

Penny-size EZcodes can be captured by VGA camera phones, even in low light environments.

Supported phones

Create your own EZCode today here

On a side note, Jonathan Bulkeley was added to Spark Networks Board of Directors today.
Can you see how EZCode could be used here?

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Anonymous said...

Scott, does it cost me to create a barcode with Scanbuy? If not, how do they make money by allowing me to create a barcode that links to my website? Also, have you tried it? Can you take a picture of your created code and have it redirect you to your website? This is very powerful. Imagine if everyone on myspace had a barcode on their page and I could save that in my phone and use myspace on my mobile... In my opinion, if you really want to kick start things in this arena, myspace is the place to get major adoption by the demographic that will make it happen. What company will do this? Whoever does it will probably be the leader in this space. Comments?