Wednesday, September 13, 2006

PWC Player Metrologic Goes Private

This is one of the companies that is developing 2d code scanning applications for the camera phone. Their Omniplanar subsidiary, has a 2d code application called SwiftDecoder, that is starting to making noise in the mobile world.

From Metrologic is taken private for $408m

Metrologic Instruments Inc. said today that it has agreed to be taken private for about $408.4 million, in a transaction led by a California private equity firm and company founder C. Harry Knowles.

This is what they are building for the camera phone.

Metrologic's products are sold in more than 113 countries, and the company owns a portfolio of developed intellectual property covering more than 300 patents.


Anonymous said...

Private?......followed by an IPO in 2 years I'll bet. This whole PWC thingee is getting more confusing than enlightening these days. Who's making the next move? Let us know PP. TIA.

Scott Shaffer said...

The advertisers and major players are realizing the adoption will be in 2d codes, not 1d codes.

1d codes are "owned" by corporations. 2d codes are being created by corps and individuals.

The playing field appears to be changing, which in itself is disruptive.

PWC cos should recognize this shift is coming in 2d codes.

Who can make a 2d code? Anybody.

Who has an ecommerce and shipping platform and just added a telecom infrastructure?

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Amazon, silly.

Scott Shaffer said...


Anonymous said...


Scott Shaffer said...

One more strike. Apple doesnt have a telco platform..yet

Anonymous said...

Must be that Google fella you keep talking

Anonymous said...

I think the buyout number is too low. What do you think is the motivation?