Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Apple iPod Cell Phone Rumor A Day.....

I have said a few times that Apple could be a mobile marketing and mobile commerce powerhouse if they introduced an iPod cell phone.

iTunes could provide the conduit for the PC and mobile worlds.

They could introduce an iTunes browser.

Apple could provide the billing platform for all types of mobile content (songs, coupons, tickets etc).

Give the iPod cell phone a camera and think of the possibilities.

Could they be a physical world connection player too?

Don't know if it's real or not, but news agencies are reporting that Apple will introduce an iPod cell phone.

Analysts say Apple Computer is working on their own cell phone; a rumor long-held by many in the industry, yet the group says new evidence conclusively proves the gadget's existence.

Don't know if it happens, but it sure could shake up the wireless world if it did.

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Anonymous said...

Apple's demonstrated marketing acumen would be a big plus to any PWC wanabe on your list...we'll see.