Monday, September 25, 2006

YAVIDO MOOPH Adopts Nextcode's mCode For Social Networking And Music Site

These guys are demonstrating how physical world connection will be spread with viral marketing. Kids, camera phones and mCodes.

Last week Nextcode announced a deal with the Barenaked Ladies, iLoop Mobile and Nettwerk Music Group. Nettwerk Music Group works very close to the biggest social networking site in the U.S., MySpace.

Nextcode camera phone barcode technology powers YAVIDO MOOPH

Today Nextcode, announced that Gemany's major mobile social networking and music site, Mooph will be using Connexto's mCodes into their services.

YAVIDO MOOPH integrates Nextcode's patent-pending ConnexTo(tm) mobile code scanning technology. Through the use of Nextcode's unique mobile barcode mCode(tm), YAVIDO MOOPH users have a new way to access user profiles, band information, concert and club details plus download music and ringtones.

Mooph is a product of Euro I Ag, which is well known for it's Yavido Clips music video channel and in 12 million German homes.

This is the first social networking/music site that fully integrates code scanning into its service offering. There's the viral part. Click on their site to see how they are incorporating mCodes

A core capability for YAVIDO MOOPH is the users' ability to access content by simply scanning a mCode on a poster, print ad, TV screen, sticker or even the screen of a phone and link directly to the preferred content

Both of these campaigns focus on the consumer first versus the advertiser.

From their website

Q: What is mCode™? How is it different from existing barcodes?

A: mCode is a new 2D barcode designed specifically for mobile phones and mobile services. The mCode technology works faster,its more reliable, can do more and carry more data content than traditional barcodes. mCodes are easy to create, using the code creation pages on the ConnexTo site.

supported phones

I understand Mooph was testing another PWC player's code but went with the mCode for two reasons. mCode has a massively better record on reliability and resiliency (you can take a picture in dim light, from any aspect etc) and the ConnexTo software was incredibly easy to integrate into their system.


Larry said...

Who was the other PWC player?

Scott Shaffer said...

I won't comment on that.

I will say that Yavido Mooph was impressed with Nextcode's platform because of the reliability and the ease of integration.

Anonymous said...

"I won't comment on that"

Well maybe comment on this contradiction, then:

"This company owns some of the best technology, by far, in what is fast becoming one of the hottest growth spaces – one where Microsoft and Google are already gearing up for a battle that will mean huge gains for the victor."


Scott Shaffer said...

I don't know what you're referring to.

I do know that technology changes very fast though.

mobiledeal said...

"I do know that technology changes very fast though."

I'll agree to that. That article contains about 4 acronyms and companies that I haven't seen :)

It's interesting to see social networking spillover into the offline world. An unfortunate side effect will be that it'll be harder to maintain the high ratio of attractive individuals in your friends network ;)