Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AIS MobileLife Uses Barcodes To Connect Physical World

Add AIS MobileLife to the physical world connection list.

This is more than a price comparison service, or a mobile coupon project, they are offering a physical world connection portal.

While using a 2d code isn't new, what I found interesting is the menu that is offered AFTER you connect with a 2d code.

Notice they are using a 2d code for a physical world hyperlink.

They are already using Barcode Access for News, Weather, Stocks, Yellow Pages, Dating, Chat and many more.

This is how PWC cos should be thinking. Instead of providing one service when a code is scanned, allow the user different functions.

See they have also introduced a mobile payment function with this application.

There is more to physical world connection than mobile marketing.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering out loud here--if there is more to PWC than just advertising (I agree with you) then why all the current acquisition activity to acquire companies in a position to show ads on and/or share revenue therefrom on the 3rd screen?

Shawn McCollum said...

Now this is what i'm talking about.

Ron said...

It is the new world that shows us the way, we talk about it they just do it. Healthyer attitude then let patent attorneys do the work in this industry. Now see how customers accept and start using it.