Sunday, September 17, 2006

Symbol Technologies For Sale

An interesting and telling week for the barcode scanning industry. What does this say about the companies in it?

Metrologic is going private and now Symbol is selling itself .

My first thoughts are that Symbol realizes that the RFID industry will eclipse barcodes, and that Motorola makes a mobile device that can read them.

Symbol Technologies Inc. , a maker of bar code and inventory scanning technology, is auctioning itself, and mobile phone company Motorola Inc. is the most likely buyer, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

Symbol, based in Holtsville, New York, makes bar code scanners such as those found in supermarkets. It also makes radio-frequency identification tags that store information in tiny microchips and can be scanned to track inventory


Anonymous said...

So why would Motorola want this 'old' tech...or are they just after the related IP and RFID IP for their handsets? The plot thickens IMO.

Anonymous said...

Telling for sure...

Telling that whomever holds the patents in this space may now likely be dealing with a big player like Motorola.

Telling that these large companies are very interested in this space.

Telling that some companies realise the barriers they face with IP infractions.

Anonymous said...

I see a battle brewing over barcode and machine readable code scanning. Symbol's patents make for very interesting reading. Nokia's got its own homegrown barcode scanner on its new phones. Motorola wants its own too along with the RFID IP. Who could benefit from this?

Anonymous said...

Don't give up that silly old Barcode there Scott. Millions of embedded codes out there and simplicity rules.

Symbol long ago departed from scanning with their wireless strategy following the management imported corporate culture (all ex Cisco). Guess they have learned you cannot turn your back to the companies roots.

No Name said...

Not giving up on it, just recognizing where the growth lies.

I see bigger opportunities with 2d codes because they aren't "tied" to products and they can be liked to the Net now.

Anonymous said...

Just heard Motorola aquired Symbol. Mark my words, the Auto-ID BU will be split off and go seperatly probably headed by Symbols founders.

No Name said...

Think this did them in?

"Motorola's sales of these wireless scanners previously were isolated to the mail courier market. The company won a contract two years ago from the U.S. Postal Service to make and supply handheld scanning devices for three years for as much as $300 million. Symbol lost that bid"