Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SmartPox Connects The Physical World With 2d Codes

Smartpox should give you an idea how easy it is to offer 2d codes, a reader and a community that will utilize them.

This company and their application have a good shot of getting adopted because they are allowing people to use physical world connection for MORE THAN advertising.

Add SmartPox to the physical world connection list.

Their technology allows users to encode URL links, phone numbers, email, and text into 2D barcodes. These codes can then be read using a cameraphone running the J2ME Smartpox reader

It's easy to start using Smartpox. Just sign up to download the Smartpox reader for your Java-enabled camera phone. Start creating your own Smartpox today.

See if SmartPox are being used in your city now.

What happens if this gets in the hands of a MySpace community? Would MySpace adopt a code, or even offer a scanning application, it was intended solely for advertising?

Because 2d codes are in a closed network, I believe it will come down to creativity, ease of use for the consumer, and useful functions, not the court system, on which PWC cos get their code scanning applications adopted first.

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