Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nokia Adds 2d Code Reader In 2007

First it was China , now the Phillipines.

Nokia to embed a physical world connection "browser" in 2007. The camera on the phone acts as mouse, the 2d codes are physical world hyperlinks.

According to Cellphone 9 Nokia to start shipping with 2d code (TMS) applications in 2007

TMS (Tag Mobile Service) is the continuation of SMS and MMS

The TMS application transforms your Mobile phone into "2D Barcode (TMS Tags) reader" via your camera phone and offer you Online world access via just 1 click

In the Philippines, TMS will be launched under a contract with publishing companies, banks, retail, consumer goods and other commercial products to get content directly to the consumer by mobile phone.

Nokia sees the huge potential for TMS and will be shipping all phones with the application bundled into their phones starting 2007.

Still wonder what Google could do with a 2d code application?


Larry said...

Scott Do you know who is behind TMS or a link to any additional info. Thanks

Scott Shaffer said...

Connected Media
101-E Aboitiz St. 6000
Cebu City, Philippines
Contact No. : (032) 254-7833

Ron said...

Cellphone 9 announces?

I want Nokia to announce it, then I am taking this serious. But its true that when Nokia decides the discussion of the standard is over.


Anonymous said...

I have been using QR Code for months. For my personal and business... I used it on my business card (so that people will just have to scan the code and save it on their phone book) and on my CDs... I have been expecting that a similar 2D code would have 'boomed' in the Philippines a lot earlier. Anyway, I'm happy that there'll be TMS...