Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ernst And Young Recognizes Physical World Connection

It is nice to see the "innovaters" talking about physical world connection.

Aner Ravon participated in this year's "Journey" by Ernst and Young. The topic was The Future of Mobile Applications.

One of his two future directions.

I do believe that in not so long, I will be able to flag a product a like, scan it’s barcode (or RFID) with the phone’s camera, get multiple price offers directly at my phone, pick one and have it delivered with a click of a button. (I agree on the scanning part, but I think 2d codes and RFID tags will play a bigger role than a 1d code)

Oh yeah, I will also get a discount from my operator for making a purchase and settling it through my phone bill.

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Aner Ravon said...

I wasnt sure if you were cycnical or not :)

However, once operator payments will be constituted, there will be a lot of frustration before you get any discount. It will take a while for competition to drive an efficient market place and operators love shaving early adopters for whatever they can. I hate that myself as well.