Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Is Disruptive Technology?

This months Business 2.0 Magazine has both and editorial and story that defines disruption and lists some of "The Next Disruptors".

One of the many reasons to subscribe to this informative magazine.

As Josh Quittner at states "If necessity is invention's mother, disruption is its father. Disruptive changes- in technology, consumer behavior, and the ways businesses are run-can unleash creative energies that were held back by the status quo"

"One of the definitions of disruption is not that it displaces someone else but that it opens up new markets that werent being addressed before".
The story goes on to state "Disruptive technologies. Almost no one fully comprehends what a shock to the existing order they represent until well after the rattling has begun".

At Visionary Innovations , we share the passion for disruptive thinking. We look for companies and/or technologies that have the ability to either disrupt a current industry/technology or establish a new one.

The most innovative thinking can lead to very disruptive applications.

Let me know if there's technology or a company that you feel is truly disruptive

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