Thursday, September 07, 2006

Organic Physical World Hyperlinks... RFID=WWW

RFID is being called the "barcode on steroids" due to it's capabilities. The key thing to remember is, every RFID tag will act as a hyperlink to the Internet someday.


You may see one of these tags in a book, or on a DVD player. Store clerks are able to identify the product with a scanner, but a consumer will be able to connect to the Internet with an RFID enabled phone.

That is why RFID tags are classified as physical world hyperlinks .

Brands should start to ask themselves TODAY, "How can we use RFID as a promotional/advertising tool?" in addition to supply chain aspect.

From Weyerhauser buys OrganicID and their printed RFID

Weyerhaeuser, the conglomerate known to most as a timber company, today announced that it has acquired OrganicID, a developer of printed RFID.

The company's stated mission is "to develop a low-cost organic electronic process technology that will enable the production and commercialization of printable electronic RFID tags for bar code replacement."

Printed RFID, also referred to as "organic" or "plastic" RFID, is a method of producing tags by printing electronic inks that have characteristics similar to those found in the standard silicon microchips .

OrganicID is developing low-cost, printable, integrated circuits using organic materials. The Company expects to bring price points down to less than $0.01


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you took a look at this, but NFC Forum's new specifications contain URI as one of the key elements for building applications.

I'd also take a look at Thinglinks.

No Name said...

Yes I am aware.

The physical world connection will occur in many ways.

Thank you for the info and the link.