Saturday, September 16, 2006

McDonald's Connects Physical World With QR Codes

The largest wireless carrier, mobile phone manuf, search engine and now the largest restaurant chain in the world are using QR (quick response) codes.

Why is one of the largest retailing companies, that has the ability to print a 1d code on anything, using QR codes instead of the regular 1d barcode?

If they aren't using a 1d code, what makes you think other major corporations/brands will?

How long before McDonald's and their cross marketing clients, will start to use these 2d codes for advertising and to interact with the consumer in revenue producing way.

I can see the music and movie industry ideas already.

From Calorie Lab QR codes offer information at McDonald's

McDonald’s is now placing codes on the packaging of many foods so that eaters can scan the package with their cell phones and find out the nutritional information.

Notice they are using these codes to provide information to the consumer and not trying to advertise to them yet.

Scanning the QR Code on any of 19 sandwiches, eight sides and five salads brings up a URL, which will take customers to the nutritional information for the food they are eating.

This is something I could see the States mandating when camera phones with 2d code readers are common.


Anonymous said...

Scott, are you aware if they are currently doing this anywhere besides Japan? The government could also require this for prescription meds and a host of other things. Which current physical world player stands to benefit from this the most... any leaders? Thanks for your insight.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more transparent just to print the dietary content info on the wrapping??