Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kyocera Adds AskMeKnow Application To Phone

While I applaud AskMeNow for getting on the Kyocera phones , I wonder what billing issues they will face if people get charged every time they use it.

Be careful what you "AskMeNow" for though.

I see this being a problem for mobile applications. There's not enough space on a mobile screen to read the "Terms of Service" before you opt-in for a service like this.

That is why these services will have to offer an easy way to remember and review these details online with a PC.

In this case sending a question to AskMeNow via SMS will cost you at least .49.

According to their Terms Of Service, "All “AskMeAnything” questions placed through the AskMeNow Application, and/or the SMS gateway (ASKME) will be answered for a fee of $.49, which will be automatically charged to your wireless bill.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of a pathetic product IMO...represents EXACTLY what I don't want on/from my cell phone. I've got Verizon with 'Get It Now' and it's a high-priced joke IMO. When will carriers get real and just give the access at a competitive fixed rate for voice & data? Please, I'll decide what I want on the deck. Carriers who don't relent will find themselves sucking hind teet IMO just like the fixed wire guys.