Monday, September 11, 2006

SMS And E911 Provide Relevant Mobile Content

No more need to type in city or zipcode for mobile information queries. Get relevant content based on location. What mobile marketing companies won't use this in a campaign?

Are they considered a mobile marketing company, or will they just provide the platform for LBS services?

This should be a powerful too for both consumers and mobile marketing companies.

From Marketwire Xypages offers location-based mobile services

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc., a global leader in mission-critical wireless data solutions, location and messaging software, and E9-1-1 services for mobile operators, will demonstrate its Xypages™ application during CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment in Los Angeles, Sept. 12-14, in Booth 618.

TCS' Xypages™ patent-pending Location-Based Services (LBS) application supports all handsets. The live demonstration will highlight the capability of TCS' Xypages to automatically support location queries generated by a simple phone call

Previously available mobile Point of Interest (POI) search tools require users to send a query text message, including their city and/or zip code, to a short code in order to receive the requested information.

Xypages can be deployed as a location-enhancing enabler for such subscriber applications as 'Find the nearest ...,' for Directory Assistance by automatically providing the city location of the caller; and for location-based marketing campaigns.

Xypages simplifies this process by eliminating the need for a short code, automatically determining the user's location and returning the nearest relevant data.

Does anyone know how they are using this application already?

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