Friday, September 01, 2006

Disney Does Physical World Connection, But Too Far?

A fingerprint is a physical world hyperlink too.

Right now this is acting as a closed network, but I envision a time(soon) when scanning a fingerprint will go to a universal database for verification.

Think of the fingerprint as the "human barcode". Soon another "human barcode" will be unveiled.

From Local6 News Disney's finger scan upgrade

For years, Walt Disney World has been reading the shape of visitors' fingers on its property. Now, the upgraded controversial finger scanning machines scan fingerprint information

Tell me your thoughts.

Would you mind having your fingerprint scanned, if it meant knowing a person that is on HomeLand Security's terror list was entering the park? A sexual predator?

Or is this too much of an invasion of privacy?

Would you allow it on airplanes?


Anonymous said...

a great place to swab for germ cultures too!

no thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

In the interest of security, I would absolutely allow my finger to be scanned. We're going to see people volunteering for this so they can take a 'fast track' through airports. It's the only way to circumvent our politically correct, whiny, victim-state culture, which should have been profiling passengers starting on Sept. 12, 2001.

But I'm sure the ACLU will find something wrong with this, too, and will continue to open giant holes in our security and our heads.

Dean Collins said...


Plain and simple, the post 911 personal rights rollback has gone too far.

remember what happened last time the USA felt their personal rights were being infringed.....there was a very large tea party.


Scott Shaffer said...

It's a different world now.

Technology can help society too you know.