Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Digimarc Offers Physical World Connection

Digimarc adds their own digital watermarking solutions to printed materials, and creates their own physical world hyperlinks.

Digimarc and Mobile Data offer print-to web applications

Digimarc Corporation today announced an agreement with Mobile Data Solutions Inc. to bring new consumer-oriented mobile applications and experiences based on Digimarc Mobile print-to-web linking technology to the U.S. marketplace

Under the agreement, Mobile Data Systems will license and use the Digimarc Mobile platform to market a number of innovative mobile consumer applications that allow camera phone users to automatically link from printed materials, such as catalogs, magazine advertisements, and packaging, to associated sites and services on the Internet.

"We are excited by the potential of the Digimarc Mobile platform to bridge the physical and mobile worlds and envision a variety of innovative and practical applications that will benefit mobile consumers," said Anthony Iacovone, vice president of business development at Mobile Data Systems


Anonymous said...

I have seen Digimarc demo this at trade shows and they used something that looked like a little flatbed scanner attached to a pocket PC. I do not think this will ever work with cell phones. there is no way it can be reliable.

Anonymous said...

Well, this can always be made "reliable", even with crappy optics, but the tradeoff is a severely distorted printed image.

The irony is that if the optics are good enough that the watermark is undetectable to the naked eye, then those same optics could simply read a miniscule 2D code -- so small that it would certainly be as unobtrusive as any visible indication in the advertisement that a watermark is present (such as a standard Digimarc logo, for example).