Friday, September 08, 2006

Pick A Code, Any Code

Imagine if there was a universal reader on a camera phone that could resolve all of these codes.

Pasta and Vingear has a nice post that identifies some various physical world hyperlinks.

Click on image to see who owns it.


Shawn McCollum said...

A universal decoder for those all would be awsome. I would also like it if the same program would allow the user to customize where and how the data in the code is used per type of code. codes like shotcode and beetagg would probably only be useful if they were processed through the respective sites but for more open codes like qrcodes i'd like to be able to choose. so say the code points to a url for a product, instead of going to the company made site, i'd like to be able point to a review site that has other peoples opinions about it. I'm sure companies might not like having their codes hijacked but in the long run it might foster more adoption if people can get something other then a commercial at the other end of the code.

No Name said...

You just created an application for PWC.
There can and will be applications that allow a forum on products using a PWH.

Click on a code at Blockbuster, a code at a Virgin Megastore and see what your friends said about the movie/album.

There are thousands of applications that can be formed from this.

The camera phone and a PWH allow all types of inforamtion to be retrieved from the Internet on just about any product.

Talk about a "PRO-sumer"

That is why some of these PWC cos have to start thinking about making this application for more than advertising.