Sunday, September 17, 2006

QuickMark A Physical World Connection Player

Add Quickmark to the physical world connection list

Create your own physical world hyperlink (2d code) with QuickMark and connect to the Internet with a camera phone.

QuickMark is an open architecture 2-D barcode application platform.

The number of companies offering free 2d code applications is growing pretty quickly.

Why would anyone pay for a 2d code when they can be created for free AND control where they want the user to go?

In the future, name card of everybody will have their own bar code, which could direct scan via the camera phones.

(This is one of reasons why PWC companies need to let consumers create their own 2d code if they want their application to get traction).

With the camera phones with QuickMark installed, just need to scan the barcode, the encode bar code will decode by the QuickMark decoder and then shown the information stored in barcode.

QuickMark is a low cost killer application in m-commerce territory. Neither special high-grade cell-phone nor pre-pay are all un-necessary.

Users can download QuickMark software from free for support phones.

Generate your own 2d code

See how it works

I see Yahoo or Verisign introducing this same application shortly. Any domain registry service should offer a free 2d code with a ".mobi" registration. In my opinion, Google and others will eventually introduce a 2d code registration and start a "click-to-call" advertising service.

Who's platform gets adopted first or by the biggest audience?

I think any company that can either get their code scanning application on a popular "teen" phone, a company with a high volume Internet portal, or a company that introduces some "must have" tool for their phone and it uses their 2d codes.

I don't see mass adoption coming from advertising incentives.


Anonymous said...

How does quickmark make money from this?

Scott Shaffer said...

They are a division or an application from Simple Act.

According to their site "Now, SimpleAct Inc. is negotiating QuickMark application with many manufacturer or operator."