Friday, July 01, 2005

Mobile Analytics M:Metrics Adds Leading Players

In a sign that mobile traffic is growing and needs to be analyzed.

M;Metrics,the authority on the consumption of mobile content and applications, announced that it has added several wireless industry heavyweights to its growing roster.

I explained what M:Metrics will doHERE

Verizon Wireless, InfoSpace Mobile, Kayak Interactive, MFORMA, VeriSign, Inc., Vindigo and Yahoo! are among the firms that recently subscribed to M:Metrics Syndicated Data Service

M:Metrics launched in March of this year and has gained significant traction in the marketplace as a credible and reliable source for mobile content consumption data.

Its multidimensional methodology to measure mobile content consumption and benchmark the performance of mobile operators, content companies and mobile device manufacturers includes the largest monthly survey of U.S. mobile subscribers, an extensive device database and comprehensive pricing and catalog data, including genre-level title information and deck placement across the major U.S. carriers.


RolandHolmes said...

You might want to keep an eye on - while best known for payment/billing fo rmobile websites, they talk on their blog about launching a fully featured mobile analytics product, competing with Google Analytics - next week.

M:Metrics is about industry trends, but Bango is about trends on your own mobile site. Quite complementary!

Ray Anderson said...

Just an update: Bango launched their Mobile Analytics product a couple of weeks back.

Its complementary to M:Metrics - as Bango focusses on analysis of campaigns and the flow of mobile web site users - not on audience analytics.