Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pam Anderson Promotes Text Messaging SMS

This is just what the industry needs, a high profile celebrity promoting a valuable tool for mobile marketing.

From Pam Anderson promotes Valentine's Day text-messaging campaign

Actress Pamela Anderson showed up Friday for a corporate promotional event filled with sexy - and text-y - wordplay.

Wearing a tight T-shirt that said "Text Kitten," the former Playboy model sat on a red chair in the shape of lips to help Virgin Mobile (always controversial) unveil its Valentine's Day text-messaging campaign.

The media briefing also involved the release of the company's new book, The Joy of Text: Your Guide to a More Satisfying Text Life.

"I do it to myself," Anderson, star of the Fox sitcom Stacked, said about the act of text messaging. "Everywhere and all the time, and a lot - and my fingers do get tired."

FYI "sexual innuendo" is 15 characters on the screen.

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